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LA/Chinatown Firecracker 10K Race

February 2004 Los Angeles, CA:
The annual Firecracker 10K, celebrating the Year of the Monkey, 4702. Results are here.

Bill, Kim, and Ryan at Lake Avenue station, 7:08 AM On the gold line, enroute to chinatown, 7:10 AM On broadway before the race, 7:42 AM
The traditional firecrackers make a lot of smoke, 7:42 AM On broadway before the race, 7:55 AM Nikoo, who ran a 10K last weekend, volunteers to hold the bags this time.
So we hand her about 300 lbs of bags. :) Thanks Nikoo! Tristan crosses the finish line first, 9:14 AM, two minutes ahead of me. Grr. :) Paul's back just ahead of the finish line Rosie at the finish line
Tomtor after the race Mike and tomtor after the race Rosie and Nikoo after the race
Paul after the race Mike and Paul after the race (shown to scale) Melita speeds toward the finish Melita arrives at the finish line!
Melita and Tomtor after the race Bill and Ryan cross the finish line Having conquered this race, Ryan begins preparing for the Kentucky Derby